Aaron Buncle

Aaron is an economic and public policy practitioner with over 12 years’ experience in Australia and the Pacific. A large proportion of his work has been in the areas of climate risk management and water management (water quality, catchment management, storm-water, allocations, water use efficiency, infrastructure investment (urban and rural), and pricing). Aaron’s main areas of expertise are:

  • Public policy problem analysis
  • Cost-benefit analysis and cost-effectiveness analysis of adaptation/water management options
  • Program evaluation, underpinned by focused and achievable monitoring and evaluation frameworks
  • Institutional strengthening, with a special focus on integrating climate change and disaster risk considerations into existing (strategic and project) planning processes

As much as possible, Aaron employs participatory and multi-disciplinary approaches (e.g. logic models, rubrics, workshops) to conduct analytical work. This helps to ensure that analyses use best-available data/information, appropriately consider different risk/contextual factors, and maximise their contribution to better decision making.

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