Lilly Stevens

Lilly graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Master of Environments, majoring in environmental governance and policy. Lilly adds value to NCEconomics through her skills in social research methods, particularly in the collection and interpretation of qualitative data seeking to identify social impact, benefits, values, decision-making behaviours and perspectives. She has several years’ experience in evaluation, natural resource management (NRM) policy and strategy. Her experience has included academic research while working for the Rural Innovation Research Group at the University of Melbourne, and as a consultant at Alluvium Consulting.

Lilly has supported several large evaluation projects, including a recent piece of work that sought to identify outcomes resulting from all regional NRM investment in QLD since 2003, spanning multiple NRM indicators across water, soil, biodiversity and socio-economic outcomes. She also assisted in the development of a monitoring, evaluation and reporting framework for the fourth tranche of the Environmental Contribution Levee in Victoria,  which included over $500M worth of environmental investment across 21 incentives.

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